Vertool Force Drive Machine Polisher


Orbit Size: 8mm

Type : Dual Action


Vertool Force Drive Machine Polisher

The Vertool ® Force drive is a gear driven dual action polisher that offers the safety of a dual action polisher with the cut of a rotary.

Unlike regular dual action polishers, with the Vertool® Force Drive, the actual random oscillations are driven by the motor which means the polisher never slows or bogs down on curves and under load like traditional dual action polishers. However at the same time it retains all the safety and usability benefits of a dual action polisher. The lower rotational rate means that heat isn’t generated as quick and that there is far less chance of generating holograms as part of the finishing process.

This is probably technically the best polisher on the market at it’s price point, with un-rivaled power & fantastic build quality.

Importantly the polisher is supplied with two backing plates, both a 5″ (125mm) & 6″ (150mm) allowing far greater flexibility and pad choice as well as a high quality canvas carry case.


Rate Power Input: 1200w
Polishing wheel diameter: 125mm & 150mm
Rated Input Voltage: 240V ~ 50/60Hz
No load speed: 160 – 480rpm
Random Orbital Speed: 3200-9600rpm
Orbit Size: 8mm

Supplied with Handle, Spare Set of Brushes & Spanner, Canvas Carry Case.