ValetPro Maximum Cut Microfibre Polishing Pad


Type : Microfibre DA Polishing Pad

Size : 5.5″


ValetPro Maximum Cut Microfibre Polishing Pad

As the name suggests, our Maximum Cut Polishing Pad is the first choice for heavy polishing tasks; if you need a pad with a little more bite than this is the one for you. Our range covers all polishing paintwork correction jobs, from our Light-Medium Polishing Pad, Medium-Heavy Polishing pad and then the Maximum Cut Polishing Pad. We suggest using it in conjunction with our Advanced Compound.

  • Designed to fit a Dual Action polisher
  • Provides ultra high gloss and cut
  • 5.5 inch velcro backing
  • Helps remove scratches and swirl marks
  • Thin layers of microfibre for quick effect