ValetPro Leather Protector


Size : 500ml

Type : Leather Protectant


ValetPro Leather Protector

  • Helps to prevent dye transfer from clothing to leather surface
  • Leaves a water repellent finish
  • Leather feels fresh to the touch
  • Leaves leather protected

Leather Protector is a leather sealant designed to repel water and dirt, effectively protecting the leather and making future cleaning jobs easier. It works because a blend of waxes leave a micro film layer after being applied that clings to the leather to protect it.


1. Spray onto a foam applicator and spread evenly across a clean leather surface.

2. Allow to dry for approximately 5 minutes.

3. Buff with a clean Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth to ensure even coverage.

4. Repeat for additional layers off protection.

Please note: Test on an inconspicuous area for colour transfer prior to use.


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