ValetPro Indulgence Wax 500ml


Type : Cream Liquid Wax

Size : 500ml


ValetPro Indulgence Wax 500ml

  • Durable finish with long lasting protection
  • Effortless to apply and buff off
  • Formulated using high-quality carnauba wax
  • Gives a like-wet, high gloss finish

Indulgence Cream Wax is a liquid wax designed to make the protection step of any car detail easy. Its smooth and creamy texture can be applied to the paintwork in a simple spread on & wipe off process saving time compared to traditional hard waxes.

Using high-quality natural carnauba wax, this product leaves a high gloss finish that is hard to match. The cream wax also provides impressive water beading and UV protection.


1) Ensure the exterior paintwork has been cleaned prior to use.

2) Using a Wax Applicator apply a dab of product evenly across a small section of the paintwork.

3) Buff off with a microfibre cloth. No cure time required.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the next section of paintwork.

Please note: For best results apply to a dry surface.