ValetPro Enzyme Odour Eater 1 Litre


Size : 1 Litre

Type : Odour Eater


ValetPro Enzyme Odour Eater 1 Litre

  • Safe to use on all absorbent surfaces
  • Dilute 1:5
  • Removes organic stains including tea, coffee, mould, blood, etc.
  • Eradicates the odours associated with milk, vomit and mould
  • Eliminates dog odour and cigarette smells from vehicles

Enzyme Odour Eater is our enzyme based odour eliminator. It’s designed to combat bad odours by eliminating the root of the problem. Bacterias thrive on these odours as a food source which could be anything from milk to urine or drink stains and this product eliminates that food source, ensuring there is nothing left for the bad bacteria to thrive on. Our 500ml trigger bottles are already diluted and ready to use, whilst our 1L and 5L bottles can be diluted up to 1:5.


1. Dilute 1:5 into a Self-Dilute Bottle .

2. Liberally spray onto previously vacuumed carpets/fabrics.

3. Leave to dry.

Please note: this product should not be used alongside disinfectants or sanitisers as these will disable active enzymes within Enzyme Odour Eater.