ValetPro Advanced Poseidon Car Wash 500ml


Size : 500ml

Type : Car Wash


ValetPro Advanced Poseidon Car Wash 500ml

  • Powerful yet gentle car shampoo that rinses off easily
  • Leaves a high gloss, water repelling finish
  • Improves drying time
  • Prolong waxes and paint sealant life by adding a sacrificial, high gloss coating
  • Wash sponge or hand mitt will glide over paint work

Advanced Poseidon Car Wash uses a special blend of anionic surfactants and polymers to remove dirt with ease whilst leaving a protective gloss enhancing  film behind when rinsed off. This sacrificial layer allows for a clean  finish whilst prolonging the protection of your wax or sealant.


1. Dilute 30ml:5L of water in a bucket.

2. Working from the top down, apply to a wet vehicle with a Advanced Microfibre Wash Mitt.

3. Wash entire vehicle.

4. Rinse off the vehicle, working from the top down.

5. Dry the vehicle using a Drying Towel.