ValetPro Advanced Interior Cleaner 500ml RTU


Type : Interior Cleaner

Size : 500ml RTU


ValetPro Advanced Interior Cleaner 500ml RTU

  • Uses eco-friendly cleaning technology
  • Advanced pH neutral formulation
  • Dilutes 1:80
  • Fast and effective cleaner

Advanced Interior Cleaner is a fast working formulation that handles the worst stains that find themselves in your vehicle’s interior. The pH neutral formulation has been designed to be safe to use and contains cleaning agents that are readily biodegradable. Although specifically developed to work safety on all your interior fabric, it also performs well on the hard surfaces of the car interior too. We recommend a 1:80 dilution when the product is used within a carpet cleaner machine. With a light citrus fragrance, this product will leave a fresh smelling non-tacky finish to your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery.

Directions – RTU:

1) Spray onto the fabric and allow to dwell. Agitate if necessary.

2) Dab with a Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth to extract any excess liquid.

3) Leave to dry.

Please note: Test on an inconspicuous area for colour transfer print to use.