Scratch Shield Blue


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Scratch Shield Blue

Unlike some of the other shields This scratch shield does NOT Float.

Most scratches and swirls are the result of bad wash techniques. The contamination from your vehicles surface is trapped in the mitt, brush or sponge that is used for washing and subsequently rubbed back into the paintwork.

This can be rectified by preserving your paint finish with the scratch shield system.

Without a scratch shield you will be left trying to remove unsightly and irritating scratches and swirls. The scratch shield is a raised surface designed to remove and trap the contamination from your wash mitt. The scratch shield is placed in the bottom of your bucket and you rub your wash mitt or sponge across it to extract any contamination. The unique grid pattern removes the contamination while the baffles on the bottom calm the water to prevent particles from being re-circulated in the wash solution.

Keeping your wash mitt clean and scratch Free!

  • Extracts particles and contaminants from wash mitts
  • Keeps your wash water and mitt scratch-free clean
  • Traps contamination at the bottom of the bucket
  • Prevents scratches and swirls