Renovo Black Soft Top Reviver 1 Litre


Size : 1 Litre

Colour : Black


Renovo Black Soft Top Reviver 1 Litre

Over time the soft top roof on your car can become tired and faded. Whether you have a nearly new car or a classic convertible, a faded roof dramatically reduces the appearance of your vehicle. The cost of a quality replacement roof can be anything up to £3000 which is extremely expensive. However, Renovo’s complete soft top care package offers a much more realistic and affordable solution.

Renovo’s range of soft top colour revivers offers a solution for multiple coloured roofs from many different manufacturers. The unique and innovative formulation is simple to apply and will give unbelievable results whether your fabric top is slightly or severely faded. This particular item is a black soft top reviver and comes in a 1 litre bottle.

Renovo International is a UK company based in Sussex. It was established by a car enthusiast who recognised the need for a range of products that could not only clean, but also restore the look of a convertible or soft top roof. The range of colour restorers allows the company to meet the needs of multiple manufacturers ranging from Jaguar to Aston Martin. The complete dedication to customer satisfaction has allowed the company to grow and expand into other areas including boat, aircraft and awning restoration.