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Power Maxed Gift Pack

Whats included:
1x 100ml Power Maxed Traffic Film Remover Concentrate
Power Maxed Traffic Film Remover provides the deepest clean possible. Effective to use on all types of vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and industrial vehicles. Cleans and degreases vehicle bodies, alloy wheels and chassis. Simply dilute your sample in 1 litre of water, and use as a touch-less prewash with the added bonus of being wax safe (Best Seller of 2015)
1x 100ml Power Maxed Jet Wash & Wax Concentrate
Power Maxed Car Wash and Wax makes car cleaning a quick and easy process. Foam boosters gently and efficiently lift dirt and grease from your car surface leaving you to just rinse and wipe. Simply dilute your sample in 1 litre of water, and use as a touch-less prewash with the added bonus of being completely wax safe, and being PH Neutral (2nd Best Selling Pre Wash of 2015)
1x 100ml Glass Cleaner Concentrate
Power Maxed Glass Cleaner loosens and breaks down filth stuck to glass and mirrors. Keep your visibility perfect by keeping it clean of bugs, grime, tree sap, and mud. Non smear formula keeps cleaning an easy process. Simply spray over surface to be cleaned. Allow approximately a couple of minutes contact time for the liquid to penetrate surface soiling then buffer with a microfibre cloth, for a smear free shine.
1x 100ml Alloy Wheel Cleaner (Frequent Use) Concentrate
Power Maxed Frequent use acid free alloy wheel cleaner has been specifically formulated as a milder option than traditional acid when cleaning & degreasing wheels. Works by penetrating and breaking down soil particles on the wheel surface. Dilute with 200ml of water, Simply spray on alloy wheels, allow approximately 5 minutes to dwell, and pressure wash off.
1x 100ml Tyre Dressing (Show Shine)
Manufactured as a semi gel consistency for ease of application, Power Maxed Tyre Dressing contains materials that assist and enhance the appearance of tired rubber surfaces once applied directly. Non Toxic, Non Flammable, Non Solvent high shine tyre dressing for all vehicles. Thoroughly clean wheel before application (recommended product – Frequent Use Alloy Wheel Cleaner) add a small amount to an applicator, spread around tyre and allow to dry.
Also Included: 1x Microfibre Towel & 1x 25ml Sachet of Power Maxed Shampoo & Ultra Wax