Poorboys World Tornado Pad Cleaner 473ml


Size : 473ml

Type : Polishing Pad Cleaner


Poorboys World Tornado Pad Cleaner 473ml

  • Rejuvenates buffing and polishing pads/balls
  • Use on foam, wool and microfibre pads/balls
  • Use as on-the-spot treatment or as a pre-soak

Poorboy’s Tornado Pad Cleaner is a specialised buffing pad cleaner.

It cleans buffing and polishing pads made from foam, wool and microfibre.

This specialised cleaning solution ensures pads don’t deteriorate in performance. It loosens and emulsifies dried, caked on residues from polish, wax and sealants.

Tornado rejuvenates pads and restores them to like-new condition.

It can be used in the middle of a detail as a spot treatment or as a pre-soak for heavily contaminated pads.

Simply mist the product directly onto the pad and agitate using a Foam Pad Conditioning Brush. After cleaning rinse thoroughly with clean water, wring out excess water, and allow to air dry.

To pre-soak, mix 2oz of Tornado per gallon of water and allow pads to soak for up to 4 hours. Clean as usual after soaking.