Poorboys World Natty’s Paste Wax Original 8oz


Size : 8oz

Type : Clear Wax


Poorboys World Natty’s Paste Wax Original 8oz

The one that started it all! Natty’s White was the first Paste Wax offered by Poorboy’s World. 

  • Easy-to-use carnauba wax
  • Use on all colours and finishes, especially effective on light colours
  • Provides superior protection, clarity and depth

Poorboy’s Natty’s White Paste Wax is a long-lasting carnauba wax that protects and adds shine to your car’s paintwork.

The white version of our Natty’s Paste Wax was the first ever wax that we created.

You can use it on any colour car, but it is especially effective on light colours and metallics.

This durable carnauba wax provides your car with protection from UV and the environment, and provides superior clarity and depth for all finishes.

Unlike the majority of car waxes, Natty’s Paste Wax is incredibly easy to apply. Just wipe on and buff off.

Use it in the sun or shade.

Natty’s Blue Paste Wax performs best on darker colours.

Natty’s Red Paste Wax is suitable for all colours and provides an ultra-gloss look.

Natty’s Black Paste Wax is suitable for darker colours and is exceptional on black.