Poorboys World EX Sealant 473ml


Size : 473ml

Type : Sealant


Poorboys World EX Sealant 473ml

  • Provides the protection of a sealant and the wet look of a wax
  • Long-lasting protection and shine
  • Quick and easy to apply

Poorboy’s EX Sealant is a sealant with carnauba wax. 

This synthetic sealant also contains high-grade Brazilian carnauba wax.

EX Sealant gives your car’s paintwork the long-lasting protection of a sealant with the deep wet look of a wax.

This one-step product means you don’t have to top the sealant with a wax afterwards, unless you wish to.

This easy-to-use sealant provides durable protection against the elements while giving your car an amazing shine.

You can apply Poorboy’s EX Sealant by hand or machine, in sun or shade. Just wipe on, let haze and then buff off.

Use EX-P Sealant if you require a pure, synthetic sealant.