Poorboys QW+ Quick Wax Plus 473ml


Supplied With Spray Top

Size : 473ml

Type : Spray Wax


Poorboys QW+ Quick Wax Plus 473ml

  • Enhances the properties of existing wax on the car
  • Quick and easy way to boost shine and protection
  • Use in-between detailing sessions

Poorboy’s QW+ provides a quick and easy way to boost carnauba and UV protection on your car.

It reinforces the properties of any existing wax on the car, giving it a quick boost, and cuts down the amount of times you need to wax your car.

Poorboy’s QW+ is also part cleaner, removing light oxidation and water spots as well as enhancing shine and protection due to the carnauba content. Simply spray on and wipe away fingerprints, smudges and other spots and leave your vehicle with even more of a shine.

Apply QW+ to boost your existing coating of wax such as Natty’s Paste Wax.