Nielsen Spray Wax


Type : Spray Wax

Size : 5 Litre


Nielsen Spray Wax

  • High quality, durable and weather resistant polish
  • Easy buff, spray on formulation for speed and ease of use
  • Ideally suited for high throughput sites
  • Excellent for rejuvenating showroom cars.

Spraywax is a high quality polish designed to offer the ultimate in speed, convenience and ease of application. As its name suggests, Spraywax is formulated for spray application. It’s easy buff formula speeds up car preparation and reduces waste, saving time and money. Spraywax provides a sleek, even, smear free finish to the paintwork and unlike many spray products is durable and weather resistant. The ease and speed with which Spraywax can be applied is well suited to high throughput sites. It is also excellent for rejuvenating showroom cars.

How To Use:

Spray lightly onto clean paint; wipe evenly over the panel and buff to reveal a deep even shine. To avoid spray drift when working outside in windy conditions, simply spray into a soft clean cloth; wipe over the panel and buff dry. Suitable for use on new and used cars.