Nielsen Nano Protection Wax 500ml


Type : Liquid Protection Wax

Size : 500ml


Nielsen Nano Protection Wax 500ml

  • Paint protective
  • High gloss wax for both new and used cars
  • Extremely durable for long lasting shine
  • Weather protection
  • Very quick and easy to use

Nano Protection Wax is a complex blend of hard automotive waxes designed to product an extremely durable high gloss finish on both new and used cars. The blend cleanses, fills light scratching, adds water and soil repellence and produces a high gloss finish.

How To Use:

After washing and leathering the car, apply Nano Protection Wax with a clean soft polishing cloth of sponge. Allow product to dry to a light haze before the excess is buffed off with a clean soft microfiber cloth in a circular motion to leave a high gloss finish. Suitable for use on new and used cars