Nielsen F1 Revival – Heavy Cut Compound 500ml


Type : Heavy Cut Compound

Size : 500ml


Nielsen F1 Revival – Heavy Cut Compound 500ml

  • Heavy-duty cutting compound
  • Revives faded paintwork
  • Removes deep scratches, heavy oxide film, paint defects and sanding marks
  • Silicone and ammonia free.

F1 Revival is a heavy-duty compound designed to remove deep scratches and paint defects from vehicle paintwork. F1 has a deep cutting action and works quickly to speed up car preparation time. As with all high cut compounds for optimum results follow up with the application of the finer compound – F3 Restore.

F1 contains no ammonia or silicone, ideal for use in body shops. F1 Revival is quick and easy to work with and may be applied by machine or manual methods.

How To Use:

Apply with a damp cloth and remove residues with a soft, dry cloth.

By Machine: Apply F1 Revival to the centre of a slightly dampened buffing pad. Spread the F1 over the area to be treated on the lowest speed setting to prevent spattering. Increase the speed and work the F1 over the paint defect. For optimum results follow up with an application of Nielsen F3 Restore.

Shake container well before use.