Nielsen 9pc Ultimate Valeting Kit


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Nielsen 9pc Ultimate Valeting Kit

Nielsen Exhibition Polish is an advanced high shine, long lasting car polish with a top grade carnauba wax. It is designed to provide an exhibition quality shine and finish on all vehicle paint and can be used on any age of car. Can also be used on bikes and caravans.

Nielsen Gloss Shampoo is a highly concentrated shampoo designed for long lasting protection, and a high gloss finish. Contains a hydrophobic glossing agent to help reduce the need for unnecessary chamois drying. Can be used on cars, bikes or caravans.

Nielsen Exterior Dressing is an excellent restorative product for your vehicle’s exterior. This weather resistant gel can be used on plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces. Can be used on cars, bikes or caravans.

Nielsen Interior Dressing Provides flawless results every time, Nielsen Interior Dressing leaves a high sheen finish on your vehicle’s plastic, vinyl and rubber, to instantly revive the cockpit’s appearance. Also provides exceptional results as an engine dressing. Can be used on cars, bikes or caravans.

Nielsen Interior Cleaner is a complete multipurpose interior cleaner for all upholstery and plastics, designed to provide an immaculate finish. Also safe for use on your car’s exterior bodywork. Interior Cleaner can effectively be used to remove insects from your car. Can be used on cars, bikes or caravans.

Nielsen Leather Maintainer is a premium leather cleaner and reviver, designed to enhance the appearance of your car’s interior and restore that new look finish. Manufactured using essential blend of oils, Leather Maintainer ensures that your vehicle’s interior maintains its natural suppleness and sheen. Can be used on cars, bikes or caravans.

Nielsen Wheel Cleaner is a premium grade wheel cleaner designed to give a high shine finish; this product is highly effective at removing brake dust, traffic film and oil. Developed with corrosion inhibitors, Wheel Cleaner is suitable for regular usage on both steel and alloy wheels, in order to keep your vehicle’s wheels looking brand new. Can be used on cars, bikes or caravans.

Nielsen Tyre Dressing is an easy to use dressing designed to provide a deep gloss finish to your vehicle’s tyres. Tyre Dressing can be applied when on both wet and dry surfaces, and is perfect for use on all tyres, rubber and mud flaps. Can be used on cars or caravans.

Nielsen Window Cleaner is an easily applied glass and perspex cleaner designed to produce a crystal clear finish; it rapidly removes all residues left by flies, road film and nicotine. Containing a powerful anti-misting agent, window clean will ensure you have complete clarity for driving in all weather conditions. Can be used on cars, bikes or caravans.