Mammoth Dual Sided Triple Twist Drying Towel


Type : Tripple Twist Drying Towel

Size : 76cm x 46cm

GSM : 1150


Mammoth Dual Sided Triple Twist Drying Towel

Twisted drying towels have taken the detailing market by storm since their introduction. Twisted towels have high absorption rates and superior softness compared to other types of drying towel.

Mammoth Twisted Drying Towels are engineered with soft triple twisted fibres and offer incredible drying speed to ensure the vehicle drying process is quick and scratch-free.

The Mammoth Dual Sided Twisted Towel offers incredibly thick and soft 1150gsm fibres to reduce the risk of scratches and swirl marks. The dual-sided pile holds double the amount of water compared to a single sided towel.

Size: 46cm x 76cm