Juicy Details Bleeding Iron


Size : 500ml

Type : Fallout / Wheel Cleaner


Juicy Details Bleeding Iron

Juicy Details Bleeding Iron is an iron remover come’s pre-diluted to the correct strength for safe exterior use. A fantastic fall out remover with excellent end results. Dissolves brake dust and other iron-rich contaminants upon contact.

Juicy Details Bleeding Iron is Pre-diluted to the correct strength for safe exterior use. In all cases, wash and rinse the surface you are going to treat in the normal way.

Pre wash your car in the normal way, Next spray on liberally, soon as it comes into contact with any iron contaminants will dissolve into solution, the initially colourless liquid will gradually turn purple over a period of 1-2 minutes. Although Juicy Details Bleeding Iron is essentially a touch less cleaner, you can agitate it with either a microfibre towel or a soft brush if needs be. After 1-2 minutes, or once the dark purple solution has dried. Thoroughly rinse off the surfaces you have treated with hose or pressure washer. Wash any brushed or microfibre towels out after use. DO NOT place any microfibres in the washing machine for wash, if they have been in contact with Bleeding Iron. Has a very strong odour and should be used in well vented area. Keep out of reach from Children.