Juicy Details Arctic Wipe Out Snow Foam


Size : 500ml

Type : Snow Foam


Juicy Details Arctic Wipe Out Snow Foam

Juicy Details Arctic Wipeout is a perfect Pre-wash which will add a thick layer of snow-foam to your cars exterior, to lift all unwanted dirt and grime.

Juicy Details Arctic Wipeout is a must for all us car addicts, with good cleaning properties this product lift the dirt and grime from your car, bike, motor home or even boats. Juicy Details have created a pre-wash foaming agent that produces rich thick layers of stable foam at an unbelievable dilution rate, only 50ml or 5 capfuls is all that’s needed to 950ml of water making our product super economical. The biodegradable formula safely and effectively lifts dirt and grime off all exterior surfaces without stripping sealant or wax protection, and can also be used as a normal car wash shampoo as and when the need arises, whilst leaving a lovely scent of Cola, you’ll want to eat your car…!!


Add 50ml or 5 capfuls to foam lance bottle top up with 950ml of water, or dilute to suit your foam system.

You can also use this product through a Mesto Foamer too.

Pump sprayer Simply follow directions: dilute using 1/2 capfuls to 1.5L of water, and pump sprayer and your good to go, repeat process until your car is covered in snowfoam, leave to dwell for 5-10 mins pressure wash off, or rinse using hose.

A very effective Cola scented pre wash cleaner.