Forever Black Bumper & Trim Cleaner & Reconditioner


Bottle Sizes :

4oz Cleaner

6oz Black Dye


Forever Black Bumper & Trim Cleaner & Reconditioner

4oz of Cleaner Concentrate and 6oz of Forever Black dye. Simply sponge surfaces to be treated with the cleaner to remove dirt, grease and dressings. Next, apply a coating of Forever Black using the shoe-dauber type applicator on the bottle. That’s it! No buffing is required. In 5 to 20 minutes, your trim will be permanently black!

One Kit will cover the trim on 3 to 4 cars.
Forever BLACK™ Bumper & Trim Cleaner and Reconditioner has become America’s #1 choice for restoring black bumpers & trim. Permanently recolor and protect all black plastic, vinyl & rubber surfaces on your car without silicone. We use the same chemicals that the manufacturers use. This product does not attract dust. Protects against U.V. damage.

How is Forever Black Different?

  1. Forever Black permanently dyes black plastic, rubber and vinyl.
  2. Forever Black will completely cover the worst wax build-up or sun-faded trim.
  3. Forever Black will not wash off.
  4. Forever Black dries in 5 to 20 minutes. No buffing is required.
  5. Once dried, Forever Black will not attract dust. There is no oily residue.
  6. Forever Black has a UV sun screen to help shield against future fading.
  7. Forever Black will restore bumpers, spoilers, mudguards, door handles, body and trim mouldings to a like new condition.

It’s quick and easy to use!