Farecla G3 Scratch Remover Liquid


Bottle Size : 500ml


Farecla G3 Scratch Remover Liquid 500ml

G3 Scratch Remover Liquid uses a blend of Engineered Diminishing Abrasives to gently and effectively remove unsightly scratches, leaving you with a flawless showroom finish, Liquid scratch remover is not so course as the paste but is still just as effective bringing great results.

The Engineered Diminishing Abrasive particles in G3 Scratch Remover paste break down consistently and reduce in size as you remove the scratch or scuff, finally turning into a smooth wax polishing fluid. This means it won’t harm your bodywork.

For best results, use with G3 Compound Applicator Waffle Pads. To use, lightly dampen and apply the scratch remover to the waffle pad, then using a straight back and forth motion, evenly apply to the bodywork.

G3 products from Farécla are the No.1 choice for body shops around the world. Technically advanced formulas developed alongside paint and lacquer manufacturers make them safe and effective for all paint types.