Buffing Buddy Fleece Microfibre Buffing Cloth


Size : 40×40 CM

Type : Buffing


Buffing Buddy Fleece Microfibre Buffing Cloth

Designed for professional use, this fleece ULTRA THICK Microfibre “Buffing Buddy” can be used for removal of wax, polish, sealants, and great with detail sprays thick pile supersoft fibres lift all these products off the surface with no trouble at all, Ultra soft pile to prevent scratching and hazing of the paint.

  • Super soft and super thick absorbent coral blue microfibre cloth
  • Size 40cm x 40cm
  • The ‘Buffing Buddy’ is super easy to use and leaves a great finish
  • Takes polish and wax off very easily
  • Very good to use in conjunction with a good detailing spray
  • Machine washable