Autosmart Powerful Universal Cleaner


Bottle Size : 500ml


Autosmart Powerful Universal Cleaner 500ml

Autosmart Powerful Universal Cleaner. A multi-purpose surface cleaner. Outstanding wheel cleaner.

Outstanding cleaning performance for cars, boats, caraavans & motorhomes. Suitbale for interior and exterior surfaces. Fast and easy to use. Suitable for removal of brake dust & traffic film from wheels.

For general cleaning: Spray onto surface, allow to dwell. Agitate stubborn soiling if required. Rinse with water or wipe over with a damp cloth.

For Wheel Cleaning: Ensure surface is cool. SPray product and allow to dwell. Agitate with wheel brush if required. Rinse with water.

Caution: Do not allow product to dry on any surface. Do not use on polished alloy, alluminium or anodised components.