Autosmart Carnauba Gold


Tub Size : 400ml

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Autosmart Carnauba Gold 400ml

Carnauba Gold Wax. One of Autosmart’s best selling products. A luxury paste wax, made from natural palm wax. The deep long-lasting lustre cannot be matched by synthetics. Excellent for darker colours.

Wash and dry car. Apply a small amount, using a damp, freecloth or polishing sponge. Apply evenly with a circular motions one section at a time. When the wax has dried, buff to a deep shine using a microfibre cloth for ease.

Carnauba gold the professional’s choice

 Autosmart’s carnauba wax is far superior than liquid carnauba as paste can suspend more particles of the actual carnauba wax than liquid hence the carnauba content of autosmart’s wax is much higher than most others.

Contains 100% pure  Brazilian Carnauba Palm Wax grade a yellow palm wax 80% by actual volume you might see other people advertising 100% but this is not true ask any antique dealer or French polisher carnauba is as hard as concrete ever tried polishing your car with concrete mmm me neither.

This is a luxury paste polish, carnuba is regarded as the best polish available for cars made from natural palm wax. Excellent for darker colours gives a deep long lasting shine easy to apply and remove.
Carnauba Wax is used as a vehicle wax as it is one of the hardest naturally occurring waxes which when applied to vehicle bodywork will give a lasting, durable and highly glossy shine to your vehicle. The effect of Carnauba Wax is to help to further disguise any swirl marks or micro scratches in the paint, Carnauba Wax has a similar visual effect of wet paint so on a well maintained paint surface it can be absolutely stunning.