Autosmart Aquaseal Pro


Bottle Size :

Type : Hydro Sealant & Drying Aid


Autosmart Aquaseal Pro 5 Litre

All in one spray on sealant and gloss enhancer which also has a hydrophobic water repellent to disburse the water form any surface.

  • Protects and shines in one operation
  • Highly durable weather resistant results
  • Contains hydrophobic water repellent polymers for faster drying
  • Saves time and effort compared to conventional polishes

Contains Silicone


Dilute Aquaseal Pro between 1:25 and 1:40 before use, use in foam lance or sprayer.

Apply to cool, clean paintwork and out of direct sunlight. Wash vehicle and while still wet apply product to exterior surfaces using foam equipment or as a spray under low pressure. Do not apply directly to the windscreen. Allow about 2 minutes for product to bond to surface. Do not allow product to dry. Rinse with clean water and dry vehicle. For best results, buff to a high shine using a microfibre cloth.