Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash


Bottle Size : 500ml

Type : Concentrated Screenwash


Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash 500ml

Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash is a highly concentrated formula that when used neat remains effective and unfrozen at -45°C

A high performing screenwash ensures a clear screen in all weather and driving conditions. Ultimate Screenwash is the perfect choice for all vehicle and wash jet types, including headlight washers. It shifts all common contaminants and will not freeze down to -45oC.

The bottle may appear small but 500ml makes up to 8 litres of screenwash and will easily cut through road grime, insect remains and anything else that may end up on your windscreen.

During the winter the dilution can be adjusted to suit falling temperatures whilst maintaining screen cleaning capabilities.

Suitable for all wash jet types, as well as headlight wash units, safe on paintwork and trim.

How to use this product

Dilution                      ˚C

Maximum dilution                          1:15                        -1˚C

Optimum clean                               1:9                         -3˚C

Winter                  *                          1:4                         -6˚C

Severe winter   **                            1:2                         -14˚C

Extreme winter ***                          1:1                          -25˚C

****                                                 1:0                          -45˚C

Optimum clean recommended for best performance in summer and spring, or autumn above -3˚C.