Auto Finesse Tough Coat


Bottle Size : 500ml

Type : Spray Sealant


Auto Finesse Tough Coat Paint Sealant 500ml

The Auto Finesse Tough Coat Paint Sealant is a solvent-based, acrylic-polymer spray-on sealant that offers a high degree of protection against weathering, UV-damage, acid rain etching, road salt, bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap and industrial pollution.

Its strong water sheeting capabilities and slick finish help to flush away debris that normally stick to your paint, helping your vehicle to stay cleaner between washes. This combined with 3-6 months of solid durability, and easy application in all weather conditions, make Tough Coat the perfect winter sealant.

Auto Finesse Tough Coat is layer-able and can be applied over clean bare paint or any of our Paint Prep Products. Tough Coat can also be easily topped with any of our Carnauba Waxes for added warmth, depth, and protection.

How To Use :

1: Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from contaminates.
2: Using an applicator sponge apply sparingly to the surface without pressure in small overlapping circular motions, to ensure complete coverage
3: Once cured remove excess with a microfiber cloth.
4: If “patching occurs apply a second coat, this will even the coating