Auto Finesse Mercury


Size : 100ml

Type : Metal Polish


Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish 100ml

The Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish is a metal polish that is suitable for all types of metals and vehicles. Mercury is perfect for car exhausts, trims, motorbike parts, motorhome wheel trims and even the checker plate of the dirtiest of lorries.


Mercury is an easy to use quick acting metal polish and, unlike some metal polishes, comes in a light paste form so it is easy to use the right amount for any purpose. The light abrasives and solvents work quickly when teamed with either a foam applicator or microfiber cloth. Instantly you will see grime and oxidisation removed from the metal’s surface and onto the applicator. Once wiped clean, Mercury reveals a factory-fresh look to any bright work.

For Mercury, we recommend the use of an old microfiber that is past use on paint work.

How To Use :

1: Swipe a small amount of Mercury onto an foam applicator or old microfiber cloth
2: Massage the Mercury into the selected area
3: Remove any excess or residue with a microfiber
4: Repeat if necessary

Do not apply in extreme temperatures.